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2019 max R turbo
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I just came back from the Dunes and the 2.5 allows you to make the adjustments that you will need to make just to handle the variety of different of obstacles you will run into. The car is setup nice from the factory but I notice that it needs adjustments mainly on the low speed. Some find that the rebound is not suited to their riding style. The bottom line is with the 2.5 you can make those adjustments yourself with a screw driver and wrench. With the 2.0 shocks if you don't like how the car handles in the dunes or you want to improve it after months of riding it you don't have those options.

Real world example:

1) hitting an unexpected or expected desert speed bump causes most UTVs to kick up in the rear and stand up on its nose. The 2.5 allows you to adjust both the rebound and the low speed compression to lessen or remove that effect

2) making transitions from one bowl to another at high speeds and the car bottoms out. Once again you can stiffen the shock up to help remove that effect to a certain extend.

3) Running whoops at Glamis the car might be to soft and bounce too much. Running the whoops in the desert the car might be to stiff. You can modify the high speed and low speed to adapt to different terrain quickly with a wrench and screw driver.

I talked to the Fox experts at the RZR camp and the 4-10-12 adjustment made a world of a difference in my Mav handling in the dunes.
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