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Xrs maverick is worth the extra

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your thoughts?? for about 1500 i feel the xrs is a MUST BUY over the base model for what you get for 1500. instrument cluster, 2.5 shocks, cool seats, cooler graphics, beadlocks. after seeing them both, i must be a xrs... wat is yoru thoughts on it
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The 2.0 has preload and compression. The 2.5 has preload, high and low compression, and rebound. I have my rear 2.5 set to 10 rebound, 0 high and 0 low compression, and they are still too stiff!
I built a prerunner. Ford Ranger with 22"/28" front/rear travel. I had King 2.5" shocks on it. Those shocks worked great on that 4000 lb truck. To me the 2.5's are overkill on the Maverick. So, IMHO, most people would be perfectly happy with the 2.0's. But, I like to tune shocks, so they're easier than taking the 2.0's apart every time I want to try something new. Also, I figured the XRS would be easier to sell when I'm ready, and that I could get a good portion of the extra that I paid for it back.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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