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Xrs maverick is worth the extra

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your thoughts?? for about 1500 i feel the xrs is a MUST BUY over the base model for what you get for 1500. instrument cluster, 2.5 shocks, cool seats, cooler graphics, beadlocks. after seeing them both, i must be a xrs... wat is yoru thoughts on it
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Xrs no doubt, it still surprises me how much the 1,500 gets you
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I agree, they are priced way to high for many. But when I seen the specs on the xrs with the fox 2.5's bead locks instrument cluster I was thinking 19k at least but to my surprise it was lower.
The 2.5's are some of the latest and greatest shocks to hit the market, whether you would benefit from them depends on how aggressive you ride. If you just cruise around not really pushing the limits, dont jump or ride fast then the 2.0's will be fine. Once you get more comfortable with the machine and start riding harder the 2.5's will really shine. They have a lot more adjustment, wont fade in the whoops, wont bottom out on big jumps. They are no negatives with going with the 2.5's, I myself would rather have to much shock than not enough and wishing for something better.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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