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I’ve searched and searched, found some answers, but nothing as complete as what the rzr forum boys have. Need some help from current x3 64” owners, or anyone who knows answers lol.

Im going from a 14 XRS to an 18 XDS. I’ve determined my STI 14” wheels with a 5+2 offset from my old machine will fit on the new XDS. I’ve got 30” tensors on them and imagine they will be great on the XDS. I see many guys talking about 5+2 vs 4+3 on the XDS.

1) which offset produces the wider machine on the XDS?
Update: I’m reading a 4+3 will be the wider of the two.
2) What is the NEW xds machine width with a 4+3?
3) what is the new xds machine width with 5+2?

On my 14 XRS the 5+2 made my machine go from 64” to 68” is my understanding? Pretty much trying to find out what the width will be when I swap them to the new machine.

Bonus Points: the rzr guys talk about a 5+2 in front and a 4+3 in the rear for their machines. They say this produces the same width front and rear, otherwise they say the rear would be slightly more narrow running 5+2 all the way around. Anything like that with the x3 xds?
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