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A good analogy for the Suspension Shops and tuners is a restaurant. I see a lot more suspension restaurants popping up these days!
It’s all about choices, and deciding what’s just acceptable and good enough, or spending a little more and going the distance for what may be better for oneself.

Some May choose to drive further, and maybe pay a little more for the quaint small 3 or 4 table place where you get to chat with the actual owner (chef) and get a bit more customer service And or quality? Or eat at the bigger place with bigger name and 20 plus tables and with many hired hands? But hey! They have a bigger food list with more choices with a fancy menu too, right?
Who wouldnt dig all that fluff?

These are the two extremes of course, and nothing wrong with either choice On either end or in between.
The choices are up to the owners and the owners only for what works best for themselve.

The big restaurants are popular and attract lots of customers and Business. That is the business plan.
While others may decide to stay smaller and more quaint to service a smaller few people at a time that enjoy a different level of personal service and quality.

The fun part is the owner driver has lots of choices to pick what works the best for them.

The little restaurant may take a few weeks or longer to make a table reservation because they serve a lesser few. While the larger may be more easier to get served sooner and even have take out orders?

Its funny that we could be having the same Conversation about everyone’s favorite restaurant!
but here, it’s about everyone’s choices on Suspension shops. No wrong or right answers here, just get out and try to “sample“ all the foods, and eat up what is felt tastes the best for what the owner is looking for.

But remember, most people have only eaten or sampled at one or two of all the popular restaurants. And if they have not eaten or received service from any of these other restaurants, then it really isn’t fair to make Comparisons or judgments about what they dont know!
If they are totally happy with the restaurant they eat at? and feel no other sampling is necessary, Then that’s fine too, and that’s all that matters For that owner.

But, in the big overall picture, “some” People like to claim, but actually don’t know what they don’t know.

But in the smaller picture, being happy with where they eat is What’s important.

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Hey Ed
Im interested in purchasing your shock fine tuning. Send me a message please thanks!!
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