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We can start the questions here in this side of town for springs.

To start, there can be many choices when it comes to putting new springs on your X3.

You can go the simple way? And just run a general “spring kit package” that a seller offers? it’s fine, but it’s still just a general kit for the basic driver for the STOCK Suspension.
These kits are usually are set up to better the STOCK Suspension. Again, this is fine if you plan on staying with stock valving and not change your car load much or your level of driving.

If you decide later to redo your shocks, these spring rates my not be the best rates for your shock upgrades.
And longer
Instead of a general “spring kit”, purchase the springs in pairs and rates that more fit your, weights and driving needs. Weights mean, your weight, passenger weight, 2 or 4 people? Cargo, spare tire? Wench? Jack? Tools? ice chest and how big? And where is all this stuff mounted?? The roof rack? The cargo bed? Rear sets in 4 seater? This all effects every car differently.

Also, is the car exclusively in the Sand Dunes? Or dez running. Firmer springs can be run on a dune only Sand car, compared to softer springs for desert exclusive driving.
Now add Racing? What kind? Baja type with usually 2 people and tons of gear and tools,
Or one person, the driver and no extras in the car, racing short course?

the best springs will hold thier labeled spring rate and memory length better and longer than Lesser quality made springs.

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Why do the Walker Evans velocity shocks use a short spring setup? Most Shock tuners seem to try and fit as much spring as possible, but the Walker's have a lot of unused threads from the pictures I've seen, I'm sure it's not all preload.
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