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WIndow nets

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Looking for stock window nets for Maverick max 6 seater project that is under way.....

Thanks for your help

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holy crap! now that is a short bus!
Hope you like doing alot of wheelies. Cg lookslike it will be way to the rear with people in those seats. Glwtb
check PRP for custom nets
Thanks, was hoping someone had some oem ones around.
Plenty of take offs I'm sure. I cut mine down sorry
I have my stock window nets, just pay the shipping and Ill send them out.
I have 2 sets of nets. 1 set never used. None were cut off.
Thank you Alex for the nets and the hitch and thank you Jonyb for responding.

you need to really watch that, with the dynamics of the machine it will be rear heavy when loaded, be careful on hills big time. I would hate to be the one to try and climb up in the back but it looks cool. on a side note if you go out of state to use it, be careful many states have laws against an add on cage. just a heads up.
I completely agree bulldogs, but seeing that it has street tires, is still pretty clean with no sign of mud, and he's from FL, I'd assume it'll be used on the street.
If you look close you will see the knobbys in the background and the Durhamtown red clay the power washer missed :wink:

Weight in the back can be counteracted by weight in the front.......
1 - 12 of 12 Posts