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My viper elite 5k widespool has done everything I have asked of it without issue. If you are not used to synthetic winch rope there are a few things to keep in mind when using it.
Do not hook the hook back to the cable. A always use a strap so the hook pulls straight in the thimble.

Do not run your winch non stop for a long period of time. Run for 30 seconds, then let it cool for at LEAST 30 seconds. A winch generates quite a bit of heat when running. Heat is the enemy of your synthetic rope.

Do not use your winch to tie your machine to the trailer. Winches are for pulling... Not anchoring.

That sliding cover on the rope works well if your rope is going to be rubbing against an object. Slide it down to the rub point to avoid fraying your cable.

Synthetic rope is vastly stronger than steel cable of the same size. I believe the 1/4" rope on my Viper is rated at 8600 lbs. With a little forethought, it will last a long time.
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