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wheel spacers

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The guys that built up my racing maverick, have used wheel spacers (2,5inch wide) on the rear. When I asked them why not in the front, they said it effects the geometary of the steering in a negative way.
I would love to get feedback from guys on here as to what you think.
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i have been told the same thing but with my rock crawler we always wanted to be wider in front . would adding spacers in front affect steering enough that the added stability wouldn't be worth it
Puts a lot of stress on stuff as well with a spacer. Has the wheel out further than it's supposed to be and tends to break stuff.

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I ran 2" spacers on all 4 wheels of my Mav for a whole year without 1 issue. Didn't notice anything negative, but certainly noticed the added stability. I loved them. Now I have aftermarket rims with bigger offset so they are not needed.
i have heard of guys running three inch off set rims and two spacers for the added stability in corners. i know someone who does it front and rear on his razor and is much faster in the corners with out rolling than the mavs or razors that are stock
cool ordering for front today our dealer put them on back but said they made stability worse with them in front i didn't understand how it could
I don't know if the stability would be affected, but I thought it was something along the lines of bump steer. I would ask Alex(Areed) about it, I am sure he would be able to tell you exactly.
It puts more stress on the steering components. By moving the tire further from the pivot point(ball joint) you increase the leverage it has on the rest of the steering components. you possibly notice a little extra steering effort and might be easier for it to take wheel out of your hands when hitting bump/ruts. I've ran them on other quads and SXS's I have with no issues.

Bump steer happens during the suspension travel. Due to Arm and tie rod pivots points and angles being different
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Thanks for the feedback, seems the jury is still out:big smile: but I will keep the spaces off the front and work on my driving skills.
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