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What is this QE that everyone is talking about?

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I know I'm probably over analyzing this but I can't figure it out. WTH is QE? I"m having a brain fart. Lol.
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QE = Quick Engagement
The standard Visco take about four revolutions to start limiting slip, and the QE, or quick engaging, takes about three quarters of a turn.
Oic. I thought it was a turn and a half to engagement. Learn something every day. This list of things to do is sure getting long! Maybe someone will eventually come out with some kind of a locker for it. Thanks for the info.
Depending on how u ride, u may not need a qe. It's mostly for mudders and technical situations.
My 2013 Maverick is just the visco lok, right? The QE was added in 2014?
On the XRS correct
Both are considered visco-loc (viscus fluid engagement) the q.e just engages quicker.
It is also better for turning if you have Power steering with the locking front diff's
A QE is what imploded on my rig.

It's also a part that BRP may not warranty, for reasons unknown.

I also have to buy a new diff case since the original one has holes in it from the implosion.
Jony did u get rid of your Mander?
I am new to Can-Am. I like Honda and Kawasaki the best when it comes to 4wheels, but the RZR moved me into the SXS. Since Polaris is only listening to desert people my friends and I are looking at the XXC. The only stopping point is the stinking Visco-Lok whether QE or not. Seen to many non-QE front difs exploded on rocky trails at Windrock (specifically trail 12).

Before we step into a XXC I would like to know more about how the VL QE works. Anyone know any technical videos showing the operation of the QE?

Also, is there a mod to make it on-demand or AWD or at least make it apply faster?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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