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Data log sent to John on the WS170. It came in with Boost hitting 16.4 or so. 103% IDC.
With some stronger octane he said can bump the boost and timing a little to give it a smidge more.
Guess I'm about maxed for the WS170. Yesterday's run was pretty impressive from stock.
I also added a vented catch can which might have helped per John's dyno testing with and without saying it added 4 additional HP.

Just want to say I'm extremely pleased with the customer support John and his staff provided.
Extremely courteous fast and thorough follow up by Whalen Speed.
The same applies to Trevor and Peak Offroad Performance.
Just noticed you are saying you are hitting 103% IDC at 16lbs? Maybe I'm not understanding but isn't anything even remotely close to 100% IDC rather dangerous?
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