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These bars use 5 watt LED's, and produce over double the light output of the 3 watt LED's from previous Xmitter bars..

The 11" bar produces just under 9,000 LUMENS!!! A similar 10" bar from VisionX produces about 3,500 lumens.
The 30" bar produces 26,500 lumens! That is more than double what is on the market right now!!!

You can see the full spec sheet here
Xmitter Prime Xtreme Light Bar - Vision X USA

They are also offered in a Low-Profile version!!

So here is a comparison video comparing an Xmitter XIL-120 8" 3-watt LED bar vs the NEW Xmitter LOW PRO Xtreme "XP" 9" XIL-LPX610!

Don't mind the yellowness of the 5-watt bar. It was taken on an Iphone and obviously that's not the most accurate depiction but it does it justice to show the difference

PM us for forum pricing
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