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went to river run this new years for a ride with the wife and friends, the mav was excellent i put 30in silverbacks on and my wife had it wrapped,while we were there we installed some pro armor doors on my buds xp900(very easy) the mav climbs effortlessly makes the xp look kinda silly. i put it through its paces to see what mods im gonna need. def gotta install k&t box, qe, & p/s after that maybe snorkles.
i was amazed at how easily it turned those 30s i mean i was doing donuts in hi gear with no problem. I was able to get to 75 with stock tires, with the 30s only able to hit 63, but thats fast enough for the places i ride. if im just hitting the trails ill put the stockers back on. really tempted to trade the commander in on the mav max when it comes out!
All in all overly impressed with the first real outing cant wait go back this weekend.
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