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found this a utv mag:

Tools To Carry What they fit on your Can-Am Maverick X3
Phillips Screwdriver Hose Clamps
Flat Screwdriver Interior Panels, Hose Clamps, Shock Adjust
T20 Torx Headlights, Fenders
T30 Torx Cargo Tray, Hose Clamps, Dash, CVT, Airbox, Exhaust Cover, Fenders
T40 Torx Cargo Tray
5mm Allen Shock Reservoirs, Turbo
7mm Socket/wrench Hose Clamps
8mm Socket/wrench Engine Brackets, Fuel Lines
10mm Socket/wrench A-arm Plate, Brake Lines, Fire Wall, Headlights
13mm Socket/wrench Drive & Steering Shaft, Master Cylinder, Battery, Body, Gas Tank, Coolant Lines, Throttle, Seat, Belt
15mm Socket/wrench Front Diff, Sway Bar
17mm Socket/wrench Shock Adjust
18mm Socket/wrench Tie Rods, Steering Rack, A-arms, Bumper, Seats, Radius Rods, Shocks, Trailing Arms
19mm Socket/wrench Harness Bar, Lug Nuts, Ball Joint
20mm Wrench Tie Rods
30mm Socket/wrench Wheel Hubs, Front, Rear Axle Nut

Medium Crescent Wrench
Medium Vise Grip
Wire Cutter
Breaker Bar
Push Pin Pliers
Spring Hook
Breaker Bar
Rivet Gun
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