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Old style. I don't want to deal with these doors. One side installed the other not.
Door bracket cover doesnt line up so it has an extra hole I drilled to close it with a nut and bolt. Seat conceals it.

The doors are not hard to install but lining it all up is a pain in the ass. Top of the door looks awesome but the bottom looks like ass. Most of the time spent was an attempt to make it look better but it was pointless..

Marks on the bracket in the pic is grease.

Marks around screws on bracket visible in picture are from installing/uninstalling and one hole is slightly enlarged to relieve binding causing the top of cover to deform. All visible in picture.

The doors do not look horrible but I am a little obsessive about things and it bothers me the way it lines up.

Maybe my Mav was built on a Monday?

Im hoping someone local wants these. So for now local pickup price is $250.00. I am in the west valley Phoenix.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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