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Use caution with EMP

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EMP roof a few issues

I ordered a roof for my new xd s from EMP and it took over 20 days to get. I finally got my roof and upon opening it I noticed a few dings and one dent. These are not deal breakers but this roof is over $450 and I needed it for a
Ride with my kids so I installed it. I did send pictures to EMP before the instal. They told me because I installed it fedex won't cover it.

Second if you do buy this just know your shorted foam the brackets look like they are made in a garage then coated with plasti dip. The roof is noisy when riding bumpy trails. I gave this feedback to EMP. I finally called and they said it shouldn't make this noise and we
Are working on it
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I completely understand your pain and companies need to understand how to treat their customers properly. I had a similar experience with another company not UTV related. I did learn a lesson from that and all I can say is that you probably should have resisted installing the roof and taken pictures of it right away and sent those pics to EMP. If they did not make it right after that then I would really say they are a shady outfit. But from their point, they probably think the damage was incurred on the ride after your install. It is your word against their word. Yes it would be a disappointment that you would not have a roof for your ride but would likely have had a better chance getting it replaced.

I learned the hard way as well and since then I never use a product if it arrives damaged and notify the company immediately so I can get it replaced.

I do hope they have a change of heart and hope things get straightened out for you. I do feel they should have acknowledged your email either way as this would have been the professional thing to do.
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Mmm emp Usually has top-notch customer service

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That's what I thought and that's why went with them
My EMP roof came with a scratch on the front where it rolls down over the windshield. I took a picture of it and was going to send it in to them, but didn't want to deal with the hassle of shipping it back. Besides, I figured that a little dab of touch up paint would fix it (and it did) and I would probably get it scratched on my first ride out anyway. And if you jump in the first mud hole you see... you can strategically cover it with a big clump of mud and no one will ever notice! lol
I had BAD BAD transaction with them bout 18 months ago, over their larger battery box ,for
The PC 2 Odyssey battery,

They had totally redesigned it, where it was NOTHING like the picture of what I ordered,
It wouldn't clamp battery firm at all,

Others had same problem, and STILL, They never changed or updated the pic an description
Of it on their website

Wanted refund, as it was not what I ordered,

They REFUSED time after time, for me and others, who were victims of same FALSE ADVERTISING

I ended up modifying it myself to hold the battery firm.

They do have some good products, the 1/4 windshield hard surface is great,

But customer service, and standing behind their products ARE NON EXSISTANT
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Just curious to the OP did you get pics of the roof before you installed it?
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