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How would you do it?

  • Drink another beer and try it again

    Votes: 4 50.0%
  • Never again

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • drink more beer watch your buddy crash his

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Let it be

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • ouch That really hurt

    Votes: 2 25.0%
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Well after seeing a bunch of wrecks/flips and crashes On the Forum I want to start a page Solely about Your Crashing and the damage aftermath yourself and your machine!!! Show the scary pics!!
Why you crashed? speed, other Idiots, Too much Liquid Courage, Too much gas, too steep, didn't see the......

Any Safety equipment Worn?

What you broke?

What broke on your machine you drove or rode in?

What if any would you change about how it happened?

I will start it off!!

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Roll over at 25-30 MPH
2 Fat asses in the mav wearing Skul cap Helmets and gloves
Lots of Liquid Courage, Caused driver not do pre- check of wheel rim locking bolts resulted in low tire cause tire to roll over on its self and flip us
No injuries, Broken Front passenger plastics

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Near head on crash at 15 mph, other bike 20 mph (both bikes were mine)
Cause : One way in, one way out trails with side cut off and 7 ft over over growth. Plenty of Coors light and trying to impress a chic.
Damage to maverick : Bent tie rod, crushed baja bumper, smashed front left head light, busted all front left plastics
Damage to XMR : Ripped out left front tire, snapped hub in half, Snapped axle at the knuckle, crushed front bumper, bent handle bars, bent bike frame
Injuries : Brush burn on top of my head, sister in law broke her collar bone in 6 places (had surgery today, previously thought it was only 2 places), and she had 8 stitches in her head.
Cost : Still awaiting estimate from dealer.
Sorry no pics guys

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Ok so this wreck is the reason I have a maverick now. Last June I flipped my long travel rhino on the pavement going around a corner. Yes liquid courage had a lot to do with it and I was not wearing my seatbelt thinking hey I'm just going back down to the camp ground. I came out if it with my arm getting between the cage and road. I had to take ride in the ambulance and spent 10 days in the trama unit and Vanderbilt in Nashville tn because local hospital couldn't do anything with it. Cut tendon in half going to thumb and damaged the ones going to fingers. I also ended up with compartment syndrome from all the swelling. 3 surgerys later and I'm all better except some nice scars. Also totaled rhino.
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Skin Scar Flesh Joint Arm
Skin Joint Scar Leg Human leg

I was told it went over 4 or 5 times end over end and still to this day not sure how it happened but I did learn a hell of a lesson.

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yea no road rash just 12 staples in the top of my head. I was very lucky to still have my arm the way the dr's were talking. I learned the seatbelts are in these things for a reason and shit happens really quick at times.
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