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Suspension Direct's SXS Suspension Services

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SDi’s Upgrade Packages makes it easy to take your SXS to the next level, adding the performance you expect from the suspension. We operate out of Lake Elsinore, CA, and work to maintain a week turnaround.

The first and most important level of upgrades, we use our years of experience for the best spring package to fit your specific needs.
  • Springs are the most cost effective upgrade you can do for your SXS. We combine our years of experience with your specific feedback and needs to develop a custom spring package for your SXS. We replace all of the vehicle’s springs with better rates and add our aluminum crossover rings to make improvements to ride quality, adding G-Out resistance while reducing body roll, bucking, and nose diving to let you get more out of your ride.
  • Our Aluminum crossovers used in each performance package are durable and make for easy adjustment. They are a single, split design, allowing them to be installed without taking the shock apart.
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The Pro Package is a step up for the more serious drivers, taking a custom spring package, adding our internal shock work (”Revalve”) and replacement of worn parts for an even better ride.
  • While springs control a large percentage of shock performance, getting the shock internals dialed in is just as important. Our Pro Package builds upon the spring kit installed with the performance package with a “Revalve” service.
  • A Revalve service makes physical internal changes to the shock, from modifying the shim stack, replacing pistons for better oil control, to even modifying the internatal bypass tube to getter better performance throughout the stroke of the shock, we do it all.
  • Like our custom spring work, no two vehicles and its drivers are the same. We base our modifications to what your facing, and pair it will our premium fade-free oil to help keep the shock more consistent between services.
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The end game. the Works Package brings your shocks to “Factory” Spec, installing High/Low Speed Compression Adjusters and Extended Reservoir Caps. Nothing beats Works Suspension.
  • The Works package is a complete overhaul of your shocks, combining the custom springs and valving from the Performance & Pro Packages with added tunability and more shock performance from installing Adjusters and Reservoir Caps.
  • Our Dual-Dial, Motocross style clicker adjuster makes for easy compression adjustment without compromising between high and low speed shaft movements.Addresses the wallowy feeling while cornering wit hout losing plushness in rain ruts or braking bumps. Move away from a single S - H knob, get improved adjuster flow, better performance, and the fine tuning you need.
  • SDi Extended Reservoir Caps add form and function to the shocks, increasing the volume of the reservoir to help keep the shock cooler while maintaing a trick look. They also act as an insurance policy, eliminating the stock rubber fill needle port that are prone to leaking.
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Do you offer anything for Sport models or are you X3 only?
Do you offer anything for Sport models or are you X3 only?
Mainly X3, but which model and year do you have?
Welcome from Tucson AZ.
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21' Sport Max
Unfortunately not a model we currently cover, something few and far between in our area!
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Currently 899.99!
Currently 899.99!
For the Spring only package, I presume?
For the Spring only package, I presume?
Sorry about that. Yes, springs only.

Prices, without Tax:
Shock Service $175.98 per shock (Labor, Seal Kit, Oil)
Revalve: $234.98 Per Shock (Labor, Seal Kit, Parts/Modifications, Oil)

Add-Ons available with services:
Fox High/Low Speed Adjusters: $100 per shock
Extended Reservoir Caps with Schrader Valve: $54.98 per shock
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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