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Suggestions on battery booster.

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So I’ve been thinking about getting a battery booster since I often ride with just a few other people, and sometimes alone a good ways out (yeah I know not brilliant). My buddy killed his battery on his new X3 RS a month ago on the trails and this would have saved his day. Question is, if I get one big enough to start my 6.7 is it too much to use on the X3? I’m assuming the booster is smart enough to limit the power on a small battery/machine. Electrical is not my thing. Any input on a decent unit? Looking at the Yesper below after watching the Project Farm YT review of several. Don’t want to spend 200 bucks on one, but will if I have to.

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Noco makes good stuff, I carry one of their rechargeable booster packs.
Also has a lamp and usb outputs for emergencies.

important note, some of these boosters (including the Noco) need to be put into an "override" mode if the vehicle battery is completely dead, otherwise the booster can't sense it is hooked up and won't work at all. Check your manual.

link to override mode...Blog - Ultimate Manual Override Guide
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