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Suggestions on battery booster.

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So I’ve been thinking about getting a battery booster since I often ride with just a few other people, and sometimes alone a good ways out (yeah I know not brilliant). My buddy killed his battery on his new X3 RS a month ago on the trails and this would have saved his day. Question is, if I get one big enough to start my 6.7 is it too much to use on the X3? I’m assuming the booster is smart enough to limit the power on a small battery/machine. Electrical is not my thing. Any input on a decent unit? Looking at the Yesper below after watching the Project Farm YT review of several. Don’t want to spend 200 bucks on one, but will if I have to.

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Get a dual Battery setup with a VSR to to isolate the auxiliary from the main battery that way the starter will have enough to start and run the maverick

As for one of the boosters/jump starters your looking at they have some applications after all they show the thing starting a (diesel truck ) hooked up to a dead battery will just bring the voltage down on both

However those can keep your phone powered if you break down for real for days
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