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4pack of rock lights with remote for $39 shipped, two packs for
$75 shipped!

-4 pack of lights, each light is
about the size of a quarter
-approx 50inches of wire from the controller to
each light (just a hot and ground wire can be cut and spliced longer)
400lumens PER light (1600 total) quite bright for the size
-wireless remote
with 4 functions (solid, flash, pulse, etc)

-1yr warranty through me directly
-These are really easy to
hook up, no crazy controller boxes to mount, no extensive wiring, just a hot and

Things to keep in mind:
-as with most electrical stuff, the
controller box is not waterproof, it needs to be mounted somewhat safe, the
lights are fine. We have been testing these for several weeks on a RZR with zero
issues. They have been through mud, water, car wash, etc.
-These are NOT
the $300+ Rigid Rock lights, we sell those, but these are a fraction of the cost
of those, just keep that in mind
-NO switch is included, the wireless remote
is on/off
-no mounting plates are included, they have double sided tape on
the back of the light, you could also use Velcro or recess them into
-I would recommend a set for the front and a set for the back for a
RZR but you could make one set do it all

$39 for a pack
of 4! This includes priority mail shipping! Ready to go out now!! Limited supply
(not on the website yet)
pic 1.jpg pic 2.jpg pic 3.jpg whips and rock lights.jpg

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39 bucks shipped in the USA but add 25 more for canada going by mail .

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