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I have a 2015 xmr that is having starting issues. I have gone through all the posts on here I can find and troubleshot this thing six ways from sunday and still no luck.

To start with this was an intermittent issue. The relay in the fuse cluster would click when the start button was pressed but the engine would not turn over. After checking the connections on the starter solenoid by the battery it worked fine for probably 20 or so starts and now nothing at all. When the start button is pressed our digital voltmeter goes blank which makes me think we are losing ground somewhere (oem cluster stays lit). I've checked all the ground connections I can find but am probably missing something somewhere.

1) can some one tell me where the ground connections to the engine are
2) can someone tell me how the start button works? when the key is turned on both small wires running to the rear solenoid are hot. I'm assuming either the start button has to send ground (but why wouldnt the second wire be neutral like in the og automotive world?) or something is jacked up causing it to be hot.

Thanks for the help.
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