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snow plow mount

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Does anybody knowing BRP or any other company makes plow mounts for the Maverick? Will the Commander mount work?

Thanks in advance!
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BRP makes one but motoallince just came out with one to.
Really? I was just on their site and didn't see anything for a maverick, just a commander.
yup isn't on there website yet give them a call I am ordering one in the next week or so.
Awesome! You'll have to post some pics when you do. Thanks again!
It's a 72" Alpine Flex Plow.
Plow #715001972 $599.99
Mount #715001957 $129.99
Push Frame #715001992 $649.99

It looks like a great setup.
Blacktopman just a heads up, Motoalliance doesn't have any plow mounts for the Maverick. Nor have they made any. I called and talked to their developer and they haven't had a Maverick in to fit a mount yet. I'm somewhat local though and may bring mine in for them to size up.
Thanks for then info Migman. Any pics of the setup?
thanks for the info they told me a month a go they would have one.
I have the alpine flex plow on order. I have a 14 xrs with brp duner bumper. Will report back when i get it installed. I had one of these on my 12 renegade xxc 1000 and it is the best out there period.
did anybody go to e bay found 72" blade, mount, push tubes for less then 700 shipped( American eagle)
I found that one and a 66" from them as well. They're another Minnesota based company but couldn't guarantee me that it would fit a Maverick. Their eBay vendor couldn't anyway. I'm dropping the Maverick off this Friday at Motoalliance for them to mock up a mount. I'll post pics and do review of it soon.
Sorry for delay. Works killing me. This setup uses existing bolts that hold front diff but has a 1/2 angle iron box as we'll so forces distributed. I have pushed some heavy slushy snow with no problems and when the Plow is un pinned there is nothing under the machine. It was 150 to have brackets made and push bars changed a little. Not as nice as the alpine system but less than half the cost too.

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Thanks for the pics chippy. Is that a 72"? I'm dropping mine off at Motoalliance for them to make a mount on Friday.
Also you have some grease on the CV boot. Maybe from touching it while greasing the bushings? Or possibly the boot.
I had a eagle plow and mount that fit a Polaris razor 800. Drilled some different holes and purchased 4 u bolts and it fit and looks like it was made for it.
Im surprised moose doesn't offer one.I know they sell a ton.Ive personally bought 4 of there push tubes since last year as they bend under normal use.Apparently the same push tube is used on a commander as is used on a 4 wheeler.I figure its like modifying a geo tracker plow under carriage to work on a one ton pick up.I guarantee my maverick will get a plow that can plow my driveway more than 3 times without bending.
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