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Secondary clutch

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Sup guys, recently my belt broke and a new one just came in. I put the the new belt on and I backed out the spreader bolt and bam, the damn thing stayed open..pulled it off to find way in there it had pieces of belt stuff and keeping it from closing. And let me tell you, me and my bro went to pulling On the clutch and got nowhere fast. Set a lil lube inside and let soak.. Finally after pulling like crazy we got the secondary pulled apart. Cleaned it with brake cleaner and inside the sheeves I dabbed a a very tiny amount of oil just so the secondary will go back together since brake cleaner dried it out. Now my question is... The shaft that the secondary is put together by "shaft inside the clutch" I cleaned it wit brake cleaner, now do I need to grease this shaft b4 reassembly?
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nope. it is supposed to be 100% dry. if it freezes up its usually from the bushing in the clutch swelling up and making the fitment on the shaft be so tight the clutch cant slide back and forth. usually ffrom getting water in the clutches and getting that bushing so hot it swells up and siezes the clutch to the shaft. its time for a new movable sheave when that happens. the bushing is fiber, you cant machine it larger it will trash the whole thing. you cant fix it. you cant replace the bushing. you need a whole new inner movable sheave.
nope they are supposed to slide as smooth as butter. with -0- resistance. if yours is hard, you need to find out whats wrong and fix it or replace it. otherwise you will start burning belts left and right. the secondary spring tension is not strong enough to force the clutch closed if it is binding up. which will leave the secondary upshifted in too high of a gear ratio and cause you to start slipping belts in the secondary like crazy.
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