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The Particle Separator from S&B Filters removes 94% of dust before it reaches your stock filter. It utilizes the same technology military helicopters use to maintain power in extremely dusty conditions, and it’s now available for your UTV. S&B applied this same technology to UTVs, so that you can conquer extreme conditions while maintaining power and protecting your engine.
[h=4]Innovative Fitment[/h]The Particle Separator's versatile billet clamps allow it to be installed on either the upper or lower roll bars of your UTV and accommodates most roof configurations.
[h=4]Custom cages, no problem[/h]Works with virtually any roof or cage configuration. Billet clamps attach to UTV's rear rollbars for a secure fit.
[h=4]Works with stock filter system[/h]Your warranty is safe. Silicone tube attaches to stock air inlet opening and S&B Side cover replaces frogskin.
[h=4]Maintain Power[/h]Most stock filters on the newer UTVs do a good job at stopping the dirt, but they clog very quickly robbing your engine of the power it needs to make it up that tall dune, keep up with your friends or stay ahead at the end of the race.
The stock system reaches capacity after only 74 grams of dust. With the Particle Separator, 2,536 grams of dust can be ingested before your filter needs to be changed and the stock filter lasts 15x longer.
When it comes to riding in the sand or desert, changing air filters is a constant requirement, and no one likes to replace their air filter after every big ride. Since the S&B Particle Separator ejects 94% of the dust before it reaches your stock filter, you won't have to replace your filter as frequently saving you time and money.
[h=4]Protects your engine[/h]Far too many UTV owners have had to purchase a new $6,000 engine due to the ingestion of dust while using the UTV's stock filter.
When a filter gets clogged, the engine is still going to try and consume the air it needs to run which significantly increases the amount of restriction (pressure). With this added pressure, dust and debris can be pulled through the filter media and around the sealing surfaces ruining your engine.
The S&B Particle Separator ejects the majority of the dust, so your filter stays cleaner for a longer period of time. With less pressure placed on your filter, your UTV can roam safely through even the harshest of conditions.

Available with custom stainless steel faceplates.

[h=4]Mounts On[/h]
  • Can-Am Maverick XC – All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick XC DPS – All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick X XC – All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick DPS – All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick Turbo – All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick MAX DPS – All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick MAX Turbo – All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick MAX X DS Turbo– All Years
  • Can-Am Maverick MAX X RS Turbo – All Years
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