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AWESOME LEDs in this kit. Super Stealthy.

This kit is for Commander/Maverick and there are a few differences between the two, that are not noted in the instructions.

HORN - Instructions show mounting in driver's wheel area. That is for Commanders. Maverick's horn mounting location is in the Passenger side @ very top corner of the frame and the horn wires are about 4-6" too short.

LED Lights - 5mm screws are too short. There is 2 pieces of plastic that the screw has to go through. 5mm x 16mm worked perfect. (Stainless steel)

Master Brake Switch Wire - Is not located near the driver's shock mount, as indicated in instructions. (This took me 45 mins to find.) It is mounted to the underside of the top frame, just in front of the firewall on the driver's side, next to the brake master cylinder. (On the passenger side of the master cylinder and is hard to see.)

Turn Signal Stalk Mounting Bracket (1000R model) - The stalk is a bit too tight against the digital gauge cluster. Needed to clearance the gauge cluster housing to make it fit.

Besides the above, it was a nice, easy to install kit. LOVE the stealthy LEDs!

(I made Rycomoto aware of this today. 08/12/13)

Edit: Received replacement wire and a tire repair kit for my feedback! Thanks Roy! Great Cust. Serv! 8-19-13

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