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Rims and Tires

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Was ridding Saturday and saw this combo on a maverick but couldn't get pics. It was a 14" double beadlock rim with a set of Rocktanes on them. I thought the rims said Itp in or on the center cap. Anybody running itp's with this combo? Just wondering on the setup and performance?
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Your not really giving much info to go on.
Hiper makes a double beadlock, not really sure if ITP does. The Hipers have an H on teh center cap, but the cap doesn't move or come out. Alex Reed has a set for sale on here.

Im running the Hipers with 27" Roctanes on mine. If you search my name and posts you'll see the pics of them.
I know the tires were 14" for sure. I swear Mega has a pair on his mav, rims that is. Pretty sure his setup was Itp with double beadlocks and a tire that i haven't seen before. Rocktanes?
Got the info. Itp makes the rim. SD series in 14" double beadlock. Roctane 28x10x14. What is the difference if you run the same size all the way around? Good - bad? Not sure what offset will be though and probably a lot wider right?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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