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We have a load of SS212 14" wheels (these are the wheels that came on the Outlander XMR Gen 1 models with the gorilla silverback center caps). We are going to sell the wheels alone or we can mount any tire you want on them.

PLEASE NOTE: This is 4 wheel and 4 tires with 4 valve stems, nothing else.

Here is an idea of pricing: if you want the original setup an XMR would have come with )30-9-14 Silverbacks mounted on these wheels) we can do $740 plus shipping for all 4 wheels and tires.

These are not just the SS212 wheels. One easy way to tell the difference is that a Normal SS212 for a can am will have flat seat lug holes. These are tapered which were only done on the ones for the XMR's

We can do any wheel and tire combo someone wants. This is just an example.
We can also sell all 4 wheels for $260 plus shipping.
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