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About a month ago 4 of us decided to go on an overnight camp trip into the mountains. It is always a lot of work trying fit all of your gear on a quad and its even harder when you are planning an over night quad ride. My friend Steve took his 2-up Can-Am to a scale near his house to weigh it just for kicks... It weighed in at 1,400 pounds without him on it. WOW.

As the sun was coming up we headed out along the Hassayampa River north of Wickenburg AZ. Steve had mapped a trail that would lead us into the rugged Bradshaw Mountains.

These remote trails were made back in the old western days for gold mining and cattle ranching. They are full of history. You never know what you will find over the next, hill, ridge or mountain.

A few hours into our ride we came to Mr. Cooper’s ranch. He and his family run cattle on their 45 square mile ranch still today. He is the only rancher in the area that allows people to cross his land. Whenever we go through his property we stop and say hello. Mr. Cooper loves to chat and gives us some of the best history lessons. It is incredible what he remembers from over the years. He was born in 1927 on this ranch. While we were talking to him, Steve got out his map and showed Mr. Cooper where we were headed for the night. He knew the spot well and shared a couple of stories about the mine close to our camp site.

After our brief visit we were back on the trail. As we were getting close to our camp spot I got caught in some quick sand and buried my quad.

Zane was able to pull me out and shortly after we made it to our camp spot. With plenty of daylight left we decided to unload some of our gear and explore some of the surrounding area. We ended up at “Grizz Hill”. My friends and I call it this because one of our friends nicknamed AZgrizz has tried this hill twice and rolled both times. It is a nasty hill that is extremely steep, loose, and rutted plus it has some ledges that demand your attention. Pictures do not do this hill justice.

We all made it up safe but I had a few tense moments on my new to me Brute Force 750i.

Steve wanted to check out the trail he planned to take the next day that was higher up the mountain. As we came around the corner the trail turned white with snow.

After seeing the snow we knew there was no way we would be able to take the route he had planned. It was blocked higher up the trail with deep snow. Steve figured this might happen and had a back up route that we would take tomorrow.

Since it was getting late we headed back to our camp spot to set up our tents and have dinner. What an awesome spot on the creek.

It was 24 degrees when we got up in the morning. The water bottles that were left out had frozen during the cold night but we were all nice and warm in our tents.

After a bite to eat we packed up and hit the trail. We checked out one of the many mines in the area as we headed towards the gold mining town of Crown King near the top of the Bradshaw Mountains.

As we climbed up the mountains we found plenty of snow.

In town, we were happy to see most of the snow had melted.

For lunch we grabbed a bite to eat at the, always delicious, old Saloon and then we gassed up for the ride back home.

With about 60 miles to go, we headed down the mountain at a fast pace. It might have been a little too fast thought because we ended up getting turned around. By the time we got back on track we had lost over an hour and we had burned up a lot of fuel. Finally, as it was starting to get dark we arrived back at the trucks. I was happy to see them as my quad had been flashing low fuel for about 10 miles and I had used up all the gas I had. I did not want to spend another night in my tent.

We all had a blast but were quite tired. Steve had planned on 135 miles for the trip but with the back-up route and our little detour as we headed back to the trucks we ended up at 217.

This was the kind of trip we will all be talking about for years to come. Good times with Great people.

Remember to enjoy life to the fullest, help those along your journey and always buy all your tires and wheels from Discount Tire.

Don McNeilly
Discount Tire
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