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OEM Fox Shock Greasing

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Sure this has already been discussed, but as a reminder be sure to check your bushings and spherical bearings for proper greasing even if your bike is new. After 2 rides from being new I developed a loud squeak noise. :disappointed: Took the bushings apart which I found some were not even properly seated and found them dry. Even had wear on one of the spherical bearings already. Ordered new bushings and greased them up and no more squeaks. :big smile:
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Thanks for the info. Will keep that in mind.
While you are at it, replace the crappy stock shock orings with some good one. heavysledz on here can hook you up with them.
Are you guys using lithium grease or??
You can use lithium grease. Any good quality marine grade waterproof grease will do the trick. WATERPROOF is the key since you don't want the grease to wash out when you either submerge it or when you are washing it.....
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