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Hey Guys,
I bought my new X3 XMR - 2 weeks ago (just drove only 120km) and experience the following errors - some starting from the first drive.
1) Check Smartlok (and Engine light - pls see screenshot). It appeared on the first drive. I called Can Am Dealer, the Dealer checked my X3 XMR and told me that there should be some Software update, which will solve this issue. And that they cannot help me now! I am not sure whether the Dealer is correct as I see on this forum, that there was one update in February 2018, which solves this problem, although I am not sure whether it relates to X3 XMR as well. But if the Dealer is correct it is quite disappointing as my X3 was actually produced in December 2017 and now it is May 2018 and still no software update for the 6 months old problem?
The problem is related to the use of Front Difflock and 4x4. I am now sure when it starts but it happens every drive when you use difflock and 4x4 mode as well.
Is this problem actually resolved and what additional information do you need to help me? Many thanks.

2) Check Engine, Limp Home Mode Errors. I actually got these errors a little bit later than during the first drive as you try to be careful during the first 300 km of your driving. This problem is even more frustrating as it is actually limiting your driving experience. This problem appears when you try to go over 5k RPM and it does not allow you driving over 5k RPM. My Can Am Dealer will be open on Tuesday (May 29, 2018) and this time I will take my X3 XMR to its office in order to try to make them fix these errors. I will update here on the status of this issue.

I could not believe it is like that from factory but I hope they will be resolved.
Additional Information on my X3 XMR:
Date of Production: 12/2017
Model: 9LJG

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