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21 X3 RR Max w/Smart Shox.
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Excellent looking car!
Feel like giving a parts listing? What arms and chase light?

Full HCR
Complete Shock Therapy setup = RIS, Dual-Rate springs, Front Sway, Sway Bar Links -front/rear, TLS, BDS, Limit Straps, and Bump Steer Delete tie rod kit.
Geiser Radius Rods (wanted CM instead of aluminum), pull plate. Clutch liner, bed box, Shock tower, rear bumper
ZRP dog bones
TMW from bumper, bulk head, doors, & door bags.
EVO Captians Choice, Bypass, Charge tubes, Catch can.
KWI AO Base clutch kit
Razorback Belt temp
Triple X Seats
iPad flush mount dash (in the fourwerks)
Fourwerks dash
RCR Carrier Bearing w/greese whip
Odyssey battery upgrade
allot of switches
5150 187 whips & rocklights.
SpeedUTV cage and windshield
KC Light- Pro 6 eight-light pod, Pro6 2 lights on the front bumper, KC Rear Chase light.
Switch Pro
Rugged Radios
Hess steering brace.

I think that's it.
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