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Tribal Whips' whips are now available in 3 tube sizes.

The Standard tube (0.690" OD) offers the best balance of flexibility and strength. It's great for trail riding where lots of trees or other objects might come in contact with the whip.

The XD tube (0.875" / 7/8" OD) is our most popular size, and offers some flexibility and lots of strength. It can support larger 3 x 5 flags, and operate at speeds in excess of 70 mph with minimal deflection.

The XXD tube (1.0" OD) offers the most strength possible and almost no flexibility. It supports larger flags and can operate at speeds in excess of 80 mph.

We're working on updating our website so if you don't see the option available on the product your looking for, just give our customer service dept. a call and they'll be happy to assist.

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