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Hello All...Just recently purchased 2019 Maverick X3 Max Turbo XDS. So many questions...
I’ll be running predominantly in AZ around the Colorado River area. Hard pack, rocky, wash boards, nice and rough.
Does anybody have a modified FOX Tune that works well for this type of terrain for MAX? What’s the best wheel offset and tire size to run on stock suspension with a modified Fox Tune?
GPS - What works/fits best for my unit?
Spare Tire Rack- Best units?
What’s a good solid exhaust system for my unit? Looking for a solid general purpose system, not too loud.
I’m not looking to ride hard, reliability is key for me. I need good ground clearance.
My unit is new and bone stock, what else do I NEED?
I appreciate all the feedback that you can provide. Looking for advice so I don’t make mistakes everybody already knows.
Thanks ALL
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