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search function is great to use and works pretty good, however there is times when it don't work good.. even for me...It has not worked sometimes, but usually does.

SOME FAQ'S for you-

Q;What did you pay OTD price on a maverick?
A; there is several posts on this, again look at search first, however if you still need to post, at least ask the OTD price not including tax since it can change state to state.

Q; My mav feels likes its tipping over
A: it has about the same tip over limit as an rzr, however the mav feels in the seat of the pants like it will tip over sooner, but it wont, you will get use to the limits, all things have a limit, but mav is about the same as rzr on actually tipping. the mav does give you that feeling sooner than the rzr, but fact is its just a feeling.

Q;i heard maverick has tons of problems
A; not true, early mavs had a clutch bolt issue, was resolved long ago, and there is no on going issues effecting multiple units of the same issue. does that mean there is no possible way a mav can have a issue, absolutely not. driver error is a major cause, like climbing a rock pile or digging into deep mud in high gear, all things with a motor can have issues. overall there is no problem issues anymore.

Q; Do I really need a spare tire.
A; depends on how you feel about walking out 30 miles in the mud and rain at 40 degrees in bear territory at night really? if you ALWAYS ride in groups or within a mile or so of your truck, if your a racer looking to shed weight, if you want to race your buddies, then no you don't. otherwise its the #1 thing to have. a rock or other object can split a tire, rendering it useless to plug.

Q; Do I need spare belt.
A; see Question above for some suggestions why you do. Its #2 thing to own. spare belt and tire is required in my books before I drive off the trailer. everything else can come as needed or money allows.

Q: is factory clutch up to par
A: Yes, for general riding its all good and 95% of riders need not do nothing but enjoy it and don't touch the clutch, of course there is great choices to upgrade the clutch and get more and do more out of it like racers and mainly duners if that is your deal.

Q; maintenance?,
A; absolutely 100% do it yourself, save big money, get it done correctly and get to know your machine this way. I also suggest changing your belt in your garage so you know what to do it in a controlled situation before you need to do it out on the trail. it's 60 seconds to switch belts, but several minutes to get to belt. check oil level every 10 hours and bead lock/lug nuts every other ride. When changing your fluids I suggest opening the fill plugs first, then the drain plug, this way if you snap off a bolt you still have the fluids inside unit.

Q: Do I need upgraded tie rods?
A: It's always a good idea, a suggested upgrade, especially in rough riding, at least have a set with you and tools to change them.

Q: what about a roof?
A: that is great to, especially if you have the sun on you all day, shade helps! That of course is one of those upgrades to add as your budget allows along with other options for upgrades.

Q: I've been told the xp/wildcat is better in many areas?
A: Really, look at the sources that told you that. Lot's of times its trolls or those who really don't know, if you really want honest answers then just test ride them and then you will answer your own question. It's like which truck is better, ram, chevy or ford...your choice is what you should go with.

It's a good idea to have some general tools, wires, tape, etc., on board to. You should already have the little BRP tool kit, but an assortment of extra work tools is a big plus, small bag full is fine. Also make sure you have the clutch belt tool (bolt) on board always.

- if you see or do anything weird out there, just remember the rule when posting it here. Pictures or it didn't happen. Some of those may need to be posted in the NSFW

I'm sure I missed several other FAQ's that need posted, so others will add some.
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