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Hi everyone, this is my 1st post here! Looking forward to hanging on here now a bit that I took delivery on a X3 XRS a few months ago, and absolutely LOVE it! I ran a Wildcat X for a few years, and it was fun, but blows belts like crazy :\

I am not keeping it stock for long as I have a hard time doing that with anything ... I have been looking through the manual, and see CanAm says to replace some hardware after any disassembly. I see the manual calls to replace the washers also on the suspension bolts. Are these any special washers , like some sort of one use friction lock ? I can't figure out the part # for these. If anyone has It I'd really appreciate it !

fr shock 1.JPG

Ryan at has been helping me get some upgrades on the way, and the list is adding up for the off-season build this fall/winter ! I went with Vivid as they have been super great to me for my road going projects..

I hope to run some threads as i do some of the work ... This is pretty new to me, but i can figure out anything mechanically, sometimes maybe with some questions here and there ;) . After all, i managed to do an entire exhaust and intake swap on an F430 on rhino ramps in the garage, and have a DMC12 restore on the way... X3 can't be too bad :) plus , i have my kids to help me too .. My son rides dirt bikes, and recently learned how to do a top end rebuild and timing all by himself ( we are talking video game generation, so I was impressed and happy ! lol ) and my 5 year old daughter who loves anything with dirt :)

Starting out will be some structural work ..

- ZRP radius rods
- ZRP rear end plate
- ZRP shock brace, and trailing arm braces
- full front gusset kit
- S3 trans brace
- STM rage 4 clutch
- sandcraft swaybar
- valvetronic exhaust + cat delete
- bigger intercooler, injectors and cold air intake
- blow off / wastegate
- VR Tune
- bumper /winch
- gauges ( engine/ belt ) temp and afr
- Indecent drift brake

..... and then probably some 32" tires and possibly some lights ... improved ... I hope to learn a lot here, and come out of this maybe being able to answer some questions myself :) I love driving, whatever it is im driving and whatever i am driving on ... but off road is a whole kind of special to me :)

nice to meet you all !

19250508_1928100520742036_4621165704325427670_o.jpg 21272471_1962620040623417_7419795951926115953_n.jpg 31524548_2065512943667459_453660121118015488_o.jpg 35925301_2092106867674733_3398187083896979456_o.jpg
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