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New in Indiana

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Been on the site for a couple weeks now, and finally got the a new 13 base model today! Had ridden a Teryx and a couple Rhinos before, but..... Did not realize how much more powerful and advanced these "new" machines are!!! Wow i am empressed and and didnt wanna get out of this machine! We bought for my son and myself and we argued all afternoon about whose turn it was to drive.They dropped it off while I was at work and of course my wife wanted to be the first in it, shes texting me "ha ha i got to drive first" type [email protected] Told the boss I was cuttin out early to get home before she could get much time in.... Funny thing is she asks the guy who brought for the "slow" key. He tells her its the grey key, so off she went, never getting into the gas much. I get home, move her to passenger put in the black key,and off we go across the field and down the road. Wouldnt go over about 40! Im checking everything, making sure its in sport mode etc.... Hammer it down... 40 again! Pull off into the field,shut it off. Ask her if shes sure he said black was "fast" key? Yep she says black is "fast" key.... Tell her gimme the grey, fire it back up, hammer down and Holy Sheeight it launches like rocket!!! Shes screaming slow down, oh my God, slow down!! Went for a short trail ride in the woods we ride four wheelers in and she was floored like I was! Gonna try and put up a pic or two for everyone.... Thanks to all the guys on here who answered some of my earlier questions on here! Cant wait to get back in the seat after work tommorrow!!!


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