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We created a new page on our site for all the Can Am products we have, yes that list is small right now, please be patient with us as we slowly return to clutching items for the Can Am line of vehicles.

I don't mind telling you I am way behind on the technical parts of the Can Am clutching as well. When we get caught up here on belts I plan to buy an X3 if what we have now is moving well enough for me to buy one so I can do much better at tech support, install videos etc.

Today I added some Dalton clutch kits to the site and they are working on a X3 kit.

We added the Razorback CVT Belt Temp Gauge

X3 CVT Blower

Then put all our belts on the same page with the products above.

On belts, we are over 1500 in three months, warranty rate is less than 1%

Here is a link to the page

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