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My name is Bailey from Baja Designs in San Marcos, CA.
We are very excited to become a part of the Maverick Forums community.

We specialize in high performance LED and HID lighting. This includes parts and accessories from motorcycles all the way up to commercial vehicles.
For OEM applications we have a wide variety of Plug and Play Headlight Kits and Fog Pocket Kits.

Starting at
$526.46* our Plug and Play Maverick/Renegade Headlight Kits will increase Safety, Awareness, and Improve your night driving experience.
There are 3 Performance Tiers available: Sportsmen - Pro - Unlimited

Maverick (13-16) / Renegade (11-16) Headlight Kit Sportsmen $526.46
(2) Squadron-R Sport Combo
(2) Squadron-R Sport Spot
Total Lumens: 7200

Maverick (13-16) / Renegade (11-16) Headlight Kit PRO $886.46
Can-Am, Maverick(13-16)/Renegade(11-16) Kit "Pro"
(2) Squadron-R Pro Combo
(2) Squadron-R Pro Spot
Total Lumens: 19,600

Maverick (13-16) / Renegade (11-16) Headlight Kit Unlimited $976.46
Can-Am, Maverick(13-16)/Renegade(11-16) Kit "Unlimited"
(2) Squadron-R Pro Combo
(2) Squadron-R Racer Edition Spot
Total Lumens: 18400
*this kit was designed with maximum performance in mind. Although the Lumen count is slightly less, it does offer ~40% more distance due to the Racer Edition LEDs. This is perfect for the enthusiast wanting maximum distance or looking to safely reach speeds that others can't.

Please post up, call 1(800)422-5292x114, or email [email protected] if you have any questions! Happy to help! Pricing in RED is forum pricing and available to all members!

Thank You,
Bailey, Baja Designs
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