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I decided on the plug and play stage 2, 91 pump gas flash.
I've used EVO twice in the past and have been real happy with their flashes.

In the past I've done the race gas requiring route performance tricks but it's nice now for several reasons to just use 91 outta the pump.

Speaking of race gas:

I belong to a club in the OC that does charity work. At one fund raising dinner I was sitting at a table with sweet old lady Hazel Bishop.

"By chance are you the Hair Spray Hazel Bishop" I asked her?" "I am" she replied.
My mom wore a big bouffant hair style when I was a kid and it took several cans of Hazel Bishop hair spray a month to keep it in place. Spray glue.
Also Hazel Bishop was a sponsor of several teen TV shows we watched.

We got to talking and I learned during WW2 Hazel Bishop was the chief chemical engineer that developed unleaded high octane av gas for supercharged aircraft engines. All new technology back in WW2.
She explained to me how it all worked. Design tricks Can Am is doing in their engines today. I was in school with her takes. An education in making higher manifold pressures work.
After the war she started a cosmetics company.

Bishop was sitting with Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum. A historic character too.
But that's another thread for someplace else.

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