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We are running a Sale on the 5000lbs Viper Winch. This is without mount because some run bumpers etc and have different plans where to mount it. Mount is available.


This includes:

Viper Elite Kits - Can-Am Maverick
SKU: EX5000-YE40-MA11208-MA11947-
Winch Size: 5000 LB
Cable: YELLOW 1/4 in x 40ft Synthetic
Switch: Flush Mount Dash
Model: MA11947

Viper Elite Winch

Viper Elite Winch - the Absolute TOP OF THE LINE UTV Winch!
The Viper Elite ATV / UTV / SxS winch is the top of the line design with whisper quiet, metal gears, easy to use AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic cable, and the ultra flexible wireless remote switch - along with all the other upgrades.

Winch Upgrades:

Upgraded Wireless System

  • Wireless units have a unique frequency - no interference with another wireless setup
  • Handheld switch is large enough for easy use but small enough for your pocket or stage compartment
  • Weather resistant receiver and handheld unit
  • Automatically powers OFF to conserve battery life
Weatherproof Upgrade Package

  • Stainless Steel Tie Rod & Fairlead Hardware & Motor Terminals - No More Rust!
  • Paint - Weatherproof Sticker & Paint - No Peeling or Flaking
  • Switches - Easy to use Waterproof Rocker Handlebar Switch


  • [*]40' x 1/4" diameter Patented AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic Cable
    [*]"Whisper" quiet greasing system
    [*]Wireless Remote Switch
    [*]Rocker Handlebar Switch
    [*]Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
    [*]4T Snatch Block
    [*]Clevis Hook

    [*]Rubber Line Stopper
    [*]Contactor & Wiring [5 gauge (English) - 126/.4 (Metric)]
    [*]Waterproof Winch Cover
    [*]Logo Hand Saver Strap
    [*]All Necessary Hardware and Installation Instructions
    [*]Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty
AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic Cable:

  • [*]Max load rating of 8,600 lbs
    [*]Colors available - Red, Blue, Black, Green and Orange

    [*]Easy to use

    [*]1 Year Warranty

Extended Service Plan
VIPER Elite winches are eligible for a two(2) year, extended service plan, where all maintenance and repairs are covered no questions asked. Simply send in your winch and we will take care of it from there! Plan details include:

  • All repair and service up to the full replacement value of the winch - no questions asked
  • Coverage is for every part of the winch, including cables and fairleads
  • Receive a 25% off voucher at the end of two(2) years for the use on a new winch or any MotoAlliance product

Note - the Universal mount plate included will only mount to a flat surface or to a "winch ready" ATV / UTV. We have many custom mount plates designed to bolt onto your ATV / UTV / SxS. MAVERICK Winch Mount

Our VIPER winch mounts are laser cut and shaped to exacting specifications. By utilizing state of the art computerized equipment we provide a precise and custom fit for your ATV / UTV / SxS. Mounts are also designed to utilize the strength of your ATV / UTV / SxS's frame to optimize winching efficiency.

  • Black industrial powder coat finish
  • Includes mounting hardware and detailed instructions

Fits the Following Can-Am Maverick Models:

Part numbers ending in "W" only work with wide spool bolt patterns (3" x 6.66")

Maverick- MA11947 / MA11947W:

  • 2013-2014 Maverick 1000R
  • 2013-2014 Maverick 1000R X rs
  • 2013-2014 Maverick MAX 1000R (longer wires are needed and can be purchased here.)
  • PLEASE NOTE: will only work with stock bumpers

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That same winch helped me get out of this snot all day :) Off-roading Regularity rally Vehicle Off-road vehicle Car

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You can make it work, I have that bumper and viper elite. The wide spool will fit perfect. If you use the narrow spool as shown you will need to drill holes for the mounting and also will need the wide spool aluminum fairlead.

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PM Me too please, since I have the stock BRP Winch plate. I think somebody said the wide spool will mount up in the stock holes. I believe that is 3" by 6.666" If anybody knows any difference, let me know. Trying not to buy another mounting plate.

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PM Me too please, since I have the stock BRP Winch plate. I think somebody said the wide spool will mount up in the stock holes. I believe that is 3" by 6.666" If anybody knows any difference, let me know. Trying not to buy another mounting plate.
Sending Price Now - JT

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Could someone help me with what might be a stupid question? What makes the viper elite wide spool 4000 lb different from the 4500 lb, other than the price? They both show to have the same 1.4 hp motor, same gear ratio and the same cable...what sets them apart? Why would I spend more money for the 4500 when everything seems equal? The 5000 lb shows to have a 1.8 hp motor so I can make sense out of that, but I must be missing something with the 4000 and 4500. Thanks for any information any one can share with me to enlighten me.
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