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Hey USA, did Dynojet use the PC5 for the commander on the Mav or did they change it completely? I was reading in the other post that they were using the same part # thats for the commander but was curious if they actually did any changes to it. I was getting ready to sell my PC5 & dual autotune set up but if they will work I will hang onto them for later use. Thanks

Ok I officially will be starting the mods on the Mav trying to match the performance on the commander without getting into the motor. I got my large 60 mm TB today and will be adding it to the Mav tomorrow when I pick it up from DynoJet. DynoJet has solved the fuel problem by creating a PC5 for the Mav which will allow me to mod the Mav without having fuel issues. I will take off the plenum and verify that intake runners into the head does not have any restrictions. If they do then I might replace the entire intake with the same one that is on my commander. The intake on my commander will work on the Mav but I would prefer to keep it close to stock as possible if I can get the same power. The first part will be tested this weekend in Glamis with GlamisFan's stock Mav.
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