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As promised, my report on my Tom Morris tuned X3 Max XRS is ready. Not having a lot of time between work, family, and fun I'll keep this short and as informative as possible. If you've specific questions by all means ask.

The car is an 18 X3 Max XRS set up for desert distance and adventure with roof rack, spare, extra gas, lots of tools, and a few spares on board. I've had the car out twice. First with the above add ons and stock suspension set to 15.5" front and 16" rear. The clickers were set to Fox's recommendations. The family and I put 9 hours on it during this first weekend Ocotillo Wells. I was very pleased with the overall performance and my analysis generally echos others already written. The car was a bit harsh with the small chatter, wallowed a bit in slow speed stuff and generally worked better the faster you went till a rather harsh bottoming was felt.

Fast forward a few weeks and a lot of reading and speaking with others I settled on a suspension tune with Tom and UTV shocks. Turns out he lives down the street and had a slot available prior to a planned vacation in Baja. I went with eibach springs and Toms internal mods.

Tom told me to bolt them up and drive. He set the preload and crossovers to a ride height of 16Fr/15.5r with no passengers. With the suspenders back on, my family and two others, each with their own MAX XRS cars headed to Baja for the week of the 4th. I wasted no time getting the car out for a quick rip down a frontage road I've been riding my motorcycle on for 35 years. The performance difference was not subtle nor difficult to tease out. Right off the bat I noticed or rather didn't notice the washboard, and the wallowing at slow speed was damped. The car sitting a bit higher with weight on the roof and longer springs and crossovers not sacked out you notice its a bit "tippy." The feeling akin to slow speed directional changes you feel in a boat. This disappears instantly at speed. The car settles and absorbs whoops very very well. The road is like most in and around San Felipe with soft sand, whoops, baby heads, and some hard pack with rocks. The transitions were smooth and bottoming was achieved but not felt. The wheels spent more time on the ground which is a profound change from the stock set up.

The car was good in stock form, but the tune and springs really was transformative. It's a different car. I feel like now the engine cant out run the chassis which for my purposes was what I wanted.

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