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"... I ordered it with the “RC Orange” vents, thinking that would match this RC, but I was very wrong. They are a lot lighter orange and less the “lava” color, or whatever the factory calls it. Not sure if the “red” or “Can Am Red” color BM offers would match, or if I should just rattle-can the existing ones black and not worry about it? It’s too noticeable to ignore completely..."

B-M should correct color names for their vents to match that as Can-Am refers on parts fiches, i.e., "Orange Crush" vs "RC Orange". As ordered on my windshield, vent color is a great match for the cage and related orange parts. For your 2021, I'd have chosen black since "Can-Am Red" is likely better match to former 2018 MavT which was more like Chinese red than "Lava". B-M might do an exchange on those for black vs rattle can solution since they haven't been used at this point.
RC orange is the 2020 rc orange color. I am pretty sure you need the CanAm red to match the 2021 RC color. Have you reached out to them yet?

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1 - 2 of 72 Posts