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For anyone close to Sacramento, Elk Grove Power Sports is bringing some vehicles to Prairie City off road park on Sunday March 24th from 11-3. Not sure how many or what types, but I am fairly certain they will have a maverick.

I found out because I am on their email dist. Can call ahead like I did, but you don't have to, at least that is what they told me.

I am not likely ready to buy yet, because my RZR is currently the only way I can fit me + my two kids (tight but works with middle seat) without buying a 4 seater. But I can always be planning for my future upgrade :)

Also curious to drive the base maverick on same terrain I drive my RZR because I am about to upgrade to dual rate springs on my RZR-S. Want to see if there is still a HUGE diff with the Mav for medium speed trail riding. Lots of people rave about the dual rates on the RZR forum. We'll see.

Just FYI. Take care.
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