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Long Term Power Steering Question

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Ok I know this has been talked about and I see on the search some good info on this subject. However I was looking for some feedback on the power steering units and how they are holding up long term. Anybody who has had it on there machine for a while do you still love it would you have bought a different brand then the one you bought is there something better out there then what you bought. I just got back from the Dunes at Buttercup last weekend and am going to pull the trigger and buy a unit.
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As far as answering your question that mite be hard because I don't think they have been around for to many years. I can tell you that I had one on a razor for two years and it worked flawless and it was a super atv brand and that's what will be put on my maverick when the time comes.
I've had my super atv kit on my maverick for about 6 months with no problems. I thought I had a problem one time when it went out on me, but the bullet connector that powers the unit came unplugged. Plugged it back up and have been good to go ever since.

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probably a good question to ask over on the Commander forum....
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