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Agreed. The initial quality of the Can Am is far above Polaris, in my opinion. I have owned several Polaris RZRs in the past, with a mixture of good and bad luck. I have no experience with the Arctit Cat. I've always steered clear of everything they make.

I was sold on the Can Am after going to look at one and sit in it at the dealership. I'd already been lurking on this forum for weeks before I did that.. I think I knew more than the salesman did about the Maverick. Go sit in the machines at their respective dealerships.. If anybody can do that and deny that Can Am is head and shoulders above the other two concerning initial quality, they aren't being truthful.

As as for performance, it seems as though all these new 1000 sport machines are fairly close to one another. One may do this or that better, etc.. But there isn't a clear winner in every category. You will probably be happy with whichever machine you choose to buy.. For me, it was an easy choice. I chose the quality and performance of the Can Am with the proven V-twin engine over Polaris. I was ready for a change from Polaris. Their quality of fit, finish, and components doesn't seem even close to what Can Am offers. I am excluding Arctic Cat from my opinion because I would never consider buying one. Just never have been able to come around to them.

i am in no way brand loyal. At least not in this discussion. I am a die-hard Kawasaki fan, and if they made something to compete with these machines, I'd be the first one on the list with a down payment. With that being said, I do own a Teryx 4 that my wife and I bought to haul our kids around in... And I will have to say that, even though I love Kawasaki products, I feel like this new Maverick has a better overall for and finish/quality feel than the Kawasaki does.

just my .02
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