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I have been looking at SXS now for almost 2 years and I think I am finally in a position to buy one. I have hung out on the RZR forum, Wildcat forum & Commander forum and I just find it crazy some of the trash talking that goes on. I know it is just like Ford or Chevy-Auto or Manul- Budwiser or Coors and the list could go on and on.

People complain about the price for a CanAm SXS but looking at the Polaris web site I'm not seeing how a CanAm costs more than RZR. The Maverick X rs is $17,499 and to compare apples to apples the Walker Evans LE XP is $18,199 so to me the CanAm is $700 less. And the regular Maverick is $15,999 and the base XP is $15,999 so they are the same price. So what am I missing here? Now the next issue is that I am running out of patience and want to buy a rig NOW!!!!!! So someone talk some sense into me so I don't go buy a XP this weekend and hold out til January for a Maverick. I was all good on the waiting til I was picking up parts for a Harley I am working on and looked at the Walker Evans XP. I almost made a deal right then and there. And yes I know all about the fit and finish issues with Polaris and that the CanAm will be worth the wait. As we all know my one issue with the Maverick is the front diff. I really wish they would come up with something better.

So let's hear it NOW...............................I'm getting out my check book....................................Someone stop me PLEASE!!!!!
Do not whip out the checkbook on a Poo product!!! I dont own either one. But I do live in poos home town, and I would NOT ever buy a poo product! We did buy their atvs from 92-03 had 14 of them in that time frame on the farm. We onnly bought them cause my dad could get the employee discount. They were complete JUNK. You name it we had the problem. Yes that was a long time ago now, but it leaves a bad taste in you mouth. In fact I worked at the toy factory for 7 yrs (thats when I started buying skidoo and can-am) and the most important tool on the assembly line is a big sledge hammer and long prybar! I have owned skidoo and Can-am atvs and sleds. Always had good luck with them. So if it were me. I would wait till the maverick shows up and the whip out the checkbook! But... Thats just me:smile:
And The RZR is built in mexico.... yeah yeah I know the can ams are also. But im not sure if the commanders and the maverick are/will be built there or not???
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