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this is going to be long, i apologize in advance. This is a desription of my experience of ordering from turnkey so far, and is still pending any resolution....

I placed an order for a roof and harness bar on monday, order 670. You can see a copy of this order, with some of my info redacted here:

i received an email confirmation, and my debit card was charged.

An hour later i received a call from "cook" saying that the system didn't charge me for shipping on the roof, only the harness bar, and it would be an addl. $100 for shipping. I explained that the system did charge for shipping for each item, and went on to reproduce the same costs with a new cart, and took screen shots of each.

Roof in cart with shipping:

roof and harness bar in cart with shipping:

i then emailed these screenshots to them at 3pm central time, less than 2 hours after the order was placed and my debit card was charged. I received no reply.

I emailed them again 3 hours later, still within their business hours on the west coast, asking whether they intended to ship my order or cancel it because of the shipping discrepancy. I explained i needed to know so i could order someplace else if they weren't going to honor their posted prices. I received no reply until tuesday afternoon.

The following day, tuesday, mid afternoon i received an email from "cook" @ turnkey saying "you will recieve a call today from adam in regards to your order. He is the boss and can make the final call. Thank you, cook at turnkey utv. " i received no call or additional contact at all.

I emailed that evening explaining nobody had called or contacted me and needed to know what they were doing as i needed the parts for a trip i had coming up, and that i needed to know asap. I received no reply until wed around noon.

The noon email on wed was unsigned, but said "sorry joe, i just checked with adam. He said he will give you a call sometime today. He gets very busy. " i received no call or additional contact afterwards.

I replied that i needed to know asap and that it didn't require 2+ days and a phone call to "make the call" on whether they were going to honor their posted prices or not, and that i needed someone to get back to me asap about whether my order would ship or not because i needed the parts. I received no call or contact afterwards.

Today, thursday 3/21/13, i had received no emails or phone calls with any kind of an update whatsoever. I had a spare minute to get on the phone so i called them... I again spoke to "cook". I gave him my name and told him that i was the one with the order being held because of a shipping discrepancy. He repied "could you be more specific", as if there are multiple such orders. I again was respectful and explained what i needed and who i was, to which he replied "hold on" and put me on hold. He came back a minute later and said "you need to talk to adam, he has to make that call". I explained for the 3rd time that there shouldn't be any "call" to be made, either my order would ship or not, period. I confirmed they had received my emails, which they had, and i respecfully let them know that i needed an answer today about this. He said "i understand", and that was that.

Update: 4pm central time 3/21/13 "cook" called and asked "has adam called you yet?", i explained that i still had not heard from anyone. I asked if my order had shipped, he said "no, i do the shipping, i'd know if it shipped, it hasn't". I said that this is very poor customer service and i've not been treated like this in some time.... He said "well, the pricing is wrong on our website, it's not your fault, but it's not our fault either". I explained that it was, in fact, their fault and their responsibility, and then made him aware of this thread. He said "i'll ask adam to call you as soon as he walks in". And that was the end of the conversation.

I'm still waiting to find out whether they'll honor their posted prices or cancel my order. This is all i know so far.

fix your website ......i had the same problem.they got my first and last order
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