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so much first hand knowledge, you must be an old convert. I can tell all those years of professional help have brought you to a good place now.
First hand expereance:

Oooohhh once you see those beady little Mega eyes single you out and headed for you, ice cold chills run down your spine.
It's like a nightmare and you just can't seem to run fast enough to get away.

You can't unsee mega and his little pup tent comming for you!!??

Just look at his old profile pic and see for yourself.


What did I do you might ask. Well fortunately for me just before Mega reached me Tim jumped in front and Mega ran away screaming like a little school girl.

Dam right I'm in therapy, crazy crap happens in Glims, Crazy Crap.

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Don't say GAY, especially capitalized! There is a critic amongst us that is PC and may call you a bigot.
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